• iPhone

    Mobile Application Development

    Apple iPhone™

    If there is one product that could make a strong impact in handheld device history, it has to be Apple's iPhone.

    Techions Software Labs has got a dedicated team for mobile development in Apple platform. In a short span of time, we have developed applications in domains like Location Based Services, Augmented Reality, Business Applications, Personal Utilities and Entertainment Apps.

  • iPad

    Mobile Application Development

    Apple iPad™

    One of the most awaited product of the year from Apple family, the iPad will further fuel the need for innovative applications.

    Our vast experience in developing applications for iPhone and iPod Touch comes handy in iPad development.

  • WindowsMobile

    Mobile Application Development

    Windows Mobile ®

    Windows Mobile is one of the main players from the very beginning of smartphone industry. It is designed to be similar to the desktop version of Windows and hence the user will find it at home with a Windows Mobile handset. This familiarity is a boon to third-party software development which can use similar Windows API.

    The team at Techions responsible for Windows Mobile applications has many customized applications developed for customers around the globe.

  • "We've used Techions Software Labs' services and can say wholeheartedly that the quality, professionalism and service are second to none. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Techions and will definitely call upon them in the future for C++ development projects."

    Doron Grinstein | CEO |BiTKOO

  • Blackberry

    Mobile Application Development

    BlackBerry ®

    BlackBerry controls over 20% of smartphone market and one of the most popular platforms in mobile application development. Most of the fan following blackberry are from business class users.

    Here at Techions Software Labs, we have a great team of bright developers who love to make applications in areas like corporate e-mail and data management, instant messaging, schedulers and customized CRM applications.

  • Android

    Mobile Application Development

    Google Android ™

    The brand name Google and an Open source operating system are the biggest plus points about Android.

    For our Java specialists it is about playing their favorite game in their favorite territory. Our developers are closely following Android bandwagon right from the version 1.5 latest 2.1 release.

  • JavaME

    Mobile Application Development

    Java ME ™

    "Write once, run anywhere" - literally this is the mobile mantra for Java ME developers in Techions Software Labs. Privileged access to over two billion mobile phones which can run Java ME applications opens door for creative thinkers as well as smart developers. And this is where we see synergy being created with right customers with the right company at the right time.

  • CustomApp

    Custom Application Development

    Desktop / Web Applications

    Apart from our Mobile Development activities, we have strong expertise in developing customized applications for the desktop and the web. We have been working on various technologies on the Microsoft Windows®, Apple Mac™ and Open Source platforms.

    We have a product development division currently engaged with the development of a unique product for call monitoring called "CommVigil". This is an easy to use office tool for businesses that want to achieve hundred percent efficiency in all their business actions.You can read more about it here.


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